News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Top schools in academy bid - Gove 1 bbc
Africa push for 'great tree wall' 0 bbc
Kenya 'hate speech' MP suspended 0 bbc
Government axes £2bn of projects 6 bbc
Osborne to give Bank more power 14 bbc
EU to publish data on bank risks 4 bbc
Scrutiny over Casillas girlfriend 3 bbc
Carmakers vie for Le Mans success 1 bbc
'Terror cameras' to be covered up 9 bbc
Passengers leave fire-hit ferry 1 bbc
'Errors' led to Air India tragedy 1 bbc
Inquiry as body found near church 2 bbc
BP 'disregarded dangers' at well 9 bbc
Stolen Shakespeare work 'damaged' 0 bbc
Utah counts down to firing squad execution 1 bbc
Japan in Afghan corruption call 1 bbc