News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Police caution reality TV actor 0 bbc
Gaza fuel shortage begins to bite 0 bbc
EU treaty 'same as constitution' 2 bbc
Brown arrives in India for talks 2 bbc
Road pricing 'only on new roads' 1 bbc
Beach shut as timber comes ashore 1 bbc
Zimbabwe cities hit by power cuts 0 bbc
Recovery team moves crashed jet 0 bbc
Fallen hillwalker found by chance 2 bbc
Legacy report 'will be published' 2 bbc
Beach shut as timber comes ashore 0 bbc
Man dies after police called out 4 bbc
US drugs official accuses Chavez 0 bbc
Key wins for Clinton and McCain 16 bbc
Serbians vote for head of state 5 bbc
Clegg attacks health 'inequality' 0 bbc