News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Muslim pilgrims gather for Hajj 0 bbc
Lower castes 'need greater help' 0 bbc
Vatican warns Paraguay candidate 0 bbc
Ethiopians take key Somali town 5 bbc
Hotel evacuated after night fire 3 bbc
Stores open for bargain hunters 5 bbc
Space telescope to hunt planets 1 bbc
Hotel evacuated after night fire 2 bbc
Pupil tests 'should be replaced' 5 bbc
Military team reaches South Pole 2 bbc
Back troops, says UK Iraq general 0 bbc
New centre for dementia sufferers 0 bbc
Funerals for father and daughter 1 bbc
Australia build massive advantage 9 bbc
Chelsea 2-2 Reading 4 bbc
Blair plan for 'people's panels' 3 bbc