News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Lib Dems seek mass repeal of laws 0 bbc
Ortega pledges economic stability 0 bbc
US mid-terms: Winners and losers 0 bbc
Bladder cancer early smoking link 0 bbc
Child killer's term 'too lenient' 0 bbc
UK rates expected to rise to 5% 1 bbc
New life sentence for US sniper 0 bbc
'Best ever' bathing water quality 0 bbc
Birmingham 0-1 Liverpool 2 bbc
Sharapova marches past Clijsters 4 bbc
UK rates expected to rise to 5% 0 bbc
Rangers 0-2 St Johnstone 7 bbc
9 bbc
Pupil 'filmed sex with teacher' 2 bbc
Reid orders bail hostels review 10 bbc
England make one change for Pumas 4 bbc