News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Big snow storms hit US and Canada 5 bbc
Auckland snubs Canada airport bid 0 bbc
Genes 'triple' bowel cancer risk 1 bbc
Country 'ill-prepared' for floods 2 bbc
Brother killed India ex-minister 0 bbc
Canada reactor resumes operation 1 bbc
'Greater help' for lost pensions 1 bbc
Six people killed in India blast 1 bbc
Kyrgyz leader heads for poll win 2 bbc
African migrants drown off Yemen 0 bbc
Man faces court on firearm charge 0 bbc
Black Santa starts charity vigil 0 bbc
Fire service decides on cutbacks 0 bbc
Kyrgyz leader heads for poll win 1 bbc
Mother donates kidney to daughter 0 bbc
Gethin Jones dances off Strictly 0 bbc