News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Serial killer's ex-wife Monique Olivier 'sorry' for student's murder 2 bbc
MPs and peers rebuke Sunak over lack of national security oversight 1 guardian
New Rwanda asylum treaty deals with Supreme Court concerns, says James Cleverly 3 bbc
Biden Campaign Raises $71.3 Million, Far Outpacing Trump and Republican Field 3 nytimes
Under Pressure, English National Opera Will Move to Manchester 2 nytimes
Nearly Everyone Gets A’s at Yale. Does That Cheapen the Grade? 2 nytimes
Mount Marapi: Indonesia volcano death toll rises to 22 5 bbc
Is Liz Cheney Really Thinking About Running for President in 2024? 0 nytimes
Big risk Ukraine loses war without US weapons - Zelensky aide 2 bbc
Where Will the Whales Be? Ask the Climate Model. 3 nytimes
An Early Warning That Policing May Be in Decline 4 nytimes
The Guardian view on the Rwanda deal: Tory asylum policy sinks to a new low 1 guardian
Israel says fighting in Gaza is most intense since start of ground offensive 5 guardian
Trial shows more than 90% of women trying for baby lack essential nutrients 0 guardian
Texas Woman Asks Court to Allow Her Abortion 0 nytimes
Ukraine Opens War Crimes Inquiry Into Soldiers’ Deaths 0 nytimes