News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Student Gaza protests: top Republicans call on Biden to send in federal officers 7 guardian
PM's dementia adviser quits over benefits clawback policy 0 bbc
Asthma: Action needed on needless deaths, says charity 0 bbc
Skeptical judge and tabloid deal: key takeaways from Trump trial day six 3 guardian
Tim Burton-inspired pumpkin mosaic sets world record 1 bbc
'Lost' Gustav Klimt painting to be auctioned 0 bbc
Do women-only co-working spaces have a future? 0 bbc
'A car just exploded': Eyewitness films vehicle in flames 1 bbc
Newspaper headlines: Arms industry on 'war footing' and Channel tragedy 1 bbc
Gag orders and tabloid schemes at the Trump trial 1 bbc
Trump trial: Publisher says he suppressed negative news 9 bbc
Chris Mason: The politics of defence in a dangerous world 1 bbc
Asio boss says privacy ‘not absolute’ as he urges social media companies to do more on extremism 1 guardian
Russian deputy defence minister detained for allegedly taking bribes 0 bbc
Michael Gove can't guarantee no-fault eviction ban before election 0 bbc
Spotify turns up volume to make record profits 0 bbc