News Article Title Version Source Discovered
New Chinese nuclear plant a ‘world’s first’ 1 rtcom
The Timeless Investing Wisdom of Charlie Munger, Buffett’s No. 2 0 nytimes
University of Nevada shooting: Police respond to active shooting on Las Vegas campus 0 bbc
Russian MP proposes ban on boys names for girls 2 rtcom
Israel and Hamas fight house-to-house battles across Gaza 5 guardian
Robert Jenrick resigns as immigration minister over Rwanda legislation 2 bbc
Biden Calls on Congress to Approve Aid to Ukraine: ‘This Cannot Wait’ 5 nytimes
Baffled, punch-drunk Boris Johnson is forced to contemplate a moral universe 0 guardian
Supreme Court Leans Toward Police Officer in Job Bias Case 0 nytimes
A Key Adviser Returns to DeSantis’s Main Super PAC 0 nytimes
Peru court orders ‘immediate’ release of ex-president Alberto Fujimori from jail 0 guardian
White House Delays a Decision on Banning Menthol Cigarettes 0 nytimes
Former MP killed in car blast in Russian border city (VIDEO) 0 rtcom
Boris Johnson at the Covid inquiry: key points 5 guardian
Hamas hostages: Stories of the people taken from Israel 159 bbc
Robert Jenrick quits as immigration minister after Rwanda bill published 2 guardian